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Fleshmarket Close

Video projection

2D animation

Sound design

This Live Project was in collaboration with Studio Winton to design motion graphics to project on an uninviting close on the Royal Mile. Our team chose the Fleshmarket Close due to its suggestive name. We decided to project two animated scenes set during the early days of Edinburgh when Fleshmarket Close housed ‘fresh’ butcher shops, living up to its name.

My role in this team was Multimedia Artist and Animator, taking Kaj Raffel’s layered drawings of period characters and animating them by the functions they were drawn for. i.e. walking, butchering, scurrying, etc.

The final result of my contribution to this project shows two 10-minute animations that would be left to be displayed on the Fleshmarket Close on a continual loop. Rendering both videos from After Effects took longer than anticipated, likely due to their length.

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