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DYW Shetland

DYW Shetland
During a 10-week placement at Shetland College, I created video and graphic content for DYW (Developing the Young Workforce) Shetland.  This included a video about the 2019 Careers Event in Anderson High School, Lerwick.

The Man in the Houseboat

The Man in the Houseboat

This was my final Honours Project, creating teasers for an upcoming motion comic pilot episode.  The aim of the Honours Project was to present a positive portrayal of a fictional character with Asperger's Syndrome.

The story is about Robert Clayton, who is mysteriously taken to another world and is left to adapt to an alien society and help foil a terrorist plot.

I have chosen to tell the story as a motion comic, much like the web series Broken Saints, using still images and animatic-style animation.  Once the full episode is animated in the near-future, I would like to pitch it towards an animation studio as a pilot episode for a potential animated or graphic novel series.


The full episode is still a work in progress, but four short teasers are available for the time being.


The Tiger in the Well - Genre/Effects Project

The Tiger in the Well

This was a student project that aimed to present a scene from a book with different effects and evaluate which tells the better story.  The book I chose was The Tiger in the Well by Philip Pullman.

The first video shows my original composition, which takes influence from the styles of certain shows from the BBC, such as The Mighty Boosh and the Sally Lockhart mini-films.  This video was made using After Effects and importing a Maya model via Cinema 4D.

The second video takes influence from silent movies, taking the footage from the first video and applying a sepia tone and flashcards.


The third video takes influence from classic horror films, applying fog effects and a green colour palette to the original video to give the foreboding effect.


Power Hour

Power Hour

This was another group project I was involved with for the Group Project module at university.  We were to create a music video for a client (Golden Axe Beats) who created the original music.

My duties towards this project involved operating the camera (using my personal Canon 1200D for all the shots) and creating the motion graphic of the company logo to conclude the video.  I ended up creating eight different motion graphics with the logo on After Effects for the client to choose from.


Burke and Hare

Burke and Hare

This was another group project I was involved with for the Digital Storytelling module at university.  We were to create an interactive transmedia project telling an adaptation of the infamous Burke and Hare story.

This project includes short videos that tell the testimony of each character in the story, including the victim's ghost at the end.  We also created physical artefacts, such as letters and photographs, to enhance the transmedia storytelling.

My duties towards this project involved creating the background art for all the videos on Photoshop.  I also acquired the dialogue from the voiceover actors with an H2n Zoom recorder.

All the videos are found on one of my teammates' YouTube channel AniMercuryX.



Claustrophobia Opening Title Sequence

Claustrophobia was a student project for the Digital Video Development module at Edinburgh Napier.  An opening title sequence was made for a television series based on the visual direction and style of director Lars von Trier.  Locations include Craiglockhart Forest and Grassmarket during the Beltane celebration of Samhuinn.


Behind the scenes video (directed, filmed and edited by me) is also included.


Keep a Secret

Keep a Secret music video

This is a music video created for the Producing Digital module at Edinburgh Napier.

We used a charming song to create a video with an anti-bullying message.  As assistant director, I helped organise the operation of the project with the director and acquired the sound rights, concept design and filmed the mid-long shots with my Canon 1200D camera. 


Keep a Secret belongs to The Lonely Together.  All rights reserved.

NUDS - Family Drama

NUDS - Family Drama - John Irvine
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NUDS - Family Drama

This is a 5-minute podcast I created for the Sound Design module with Pro Tools.  I recorded all the dialogue and sound effects with an H2N Zoom recorder and arranged interviews with members of the Drama Society, past and present.

NOTE: This was recorded in 2015, so everyone in this podcast may not necessarily remain in the Drama Society.

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