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The Man in the Houseboat

Concept art

Character design

2D Animation

3D Art

Sound acquisition

This was my final Honours Project at university, where I created teasers for an upcoming motion comic pilot episode.  The aim of the Honours Project was to present a positive portrayal of a fictional character with Asperger's Syndrome.
The story is about Robert Clayton, who is mysteriously taken to another world and is left to adapt to an alien society and help foil a terrorist plot.
I have chosen to tell the story as a motion comic, much like the web series Broken Saints, using still images and animatic-style animation.  Once the full episode is animated in the near future, I would like to pitch it towards an animation studio as a pilot episode for a potential animated or graphic novel series.

The full episode is still a work in progress, but four short teasers are available for the time being.  I also included PDF files highlighting the character designs and the settings, which I constructed on Autodesk Maya and exported into Photoshop.
The Man in the Houseboat Teasers

The Man in the Houseboat Teasers

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