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Positive Polyamory Campaign


Graphic design

During my Master's course, I designed and commissioned a campaign for positive awareness of polyamorous and non-monogamous relationships.  This campaign was planned to be in collaboration with the Equality Network and LGBTQIA+ groups.  While polyamorous relationships are not limited to homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual relationships, it is a subject outside of the heteronormativity in the common society.  However, the campaign did not go ahead due to lack of communication from relevant networking members.

As someone who identities as polyamorous, I personally wish to showcase my work in an effort to raise positive awareness.  

This campaign could use motion graphics to promote inclusivity, address bias and tackle the heteronormativity in society and design. Polyamory is often unfairly stereotyped as a cheating spouse having multiple affairs in secret, whereas the true extent of this lifestyle revolves around consent from all parties involved in these relationships.


My approach is to produce a glossary on terms related to polyamory and non-monogamous relationships. I would also include a glossary on the different sexualities and genders to prove my knowledge on different LGBTQIA+ subjects. Using the terms I collected, I chose the ones necessary for the project (i.e. polyamory terms) to illustrate or produce representational hieroglyphics.  This project also included heavy research on non-monogamy, discovering different cultures across the globe and in ancient times.

Artboard 1.png
I also took the opportunity to research polyamorous representation in graphic fiction, such as comic books and animation.  This inspired me to design my own fictional characters, consisting of a gothic metal band in a polycule.  The graphics below give detail on their characters and how their relationship is mapped out, identifying their sexual relationships.
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